Competitive Program Fees and Cancellation/Refunds

Benicia Arsenal FC

Arsenal FC Competitive League 2019/2020 Fees

Age Division and Fee:
U8 Age – $895
U9 Age – $1,450
U10 Age – $1,650
U11 Age – $1,675
U12 Age – $1,695
U13 Age – $1,695
U14 Age – $1,695
U15 Age – $1,695
U16 Age – $1,695
U17 Age -$1,695
U19 Age – $1,695

Registration and Club Fees include: NorCal Fall League Fees, NorCal Spring League Fees, NorCal State Cup Fees, Professional Training (3 Sessions Per Week), Annual Week-Long Training Camp, 3-5 Team Tournament Entry Fees, Fields Maintenance and Usage Fee, Equipment, Insurance, Player Cards, Coaching Fees, Referee Fees, 2 ADIDAS Practice Jerseys, and Other Administrative Costs for the 2019/2020 Playing Season.

An additional $200 in Club Fees will be applied to families who have been in the Club for at least a year and did not record or work volunteer hours the previous year. This fee is applied each year and waived for years after volunteer hours are worked. To qualify for the fee waiver, families must record 6 volunteer hours for one child, and 8 hours for multiple children. Volunteer opportunities are available throughout the year.

Teams may organize and participate in team-specific fundraisers to help offset costs of tournament and training fees.

In addition, all players are responsible for the purchase of ADIDAS brand uniforms. Uniforms cost approximately $175-$200, which includes 2 game jerseys (home and away), 1 short, 1 hoodie, and 2 socks (home and away).


All requests for refunds, cancellations, and/or relief from fees after registering and committing to play on Arsenal FC may be eligible for a for a partial refund. Refunds are not given for time while training with the team, transferring to another club, or no longer wishing to play with Arsenal FC.

Refunds are only available for season ending injuries or if a player moves out of the club area. Requests for refund or relief from fees must be accompanied by a doctor’s note or relocation
verification. Refund amounts are based on a sliding scale determined by the date of injury and/or date all required written documentation and verification’s are submitted by the parent(s). All Club and Registration Fees are due in full if a player leaves for any other reason.

A $100 processing charge will be deducted from all refunds. $200 Club Fees are not eligible for a refund.

All request for refunds, cancellations, and/or relief from fees must be submitted in writing to the Select Division Coordinator (select@beniciasoccer.org). The following information must be provided:

• Child’s name
• Age group
• Coach’s name
• Reason for cancellation, refund, or leaving the club
• Date of injury or relocation

Upon confirmation of receiving the request by the Select Division Coordinator, parents will have fifteen (15) calendar days to submit all verification documents requested (doctor’s note, school or work relocation verification).

Relief from payments will take effect the subsequent month the request is approved. Refund amounts will be determined based on date of injury and/or the timely submission of required documentation. Failure to submit required documents within the specified time-frame may affect any refund amount owed. Refund requests may take up to thirty (30) days to process.

IMPORTANT: Informing a team manager, coach or board member is not an acceptable substitute for submitting a written refund or cancellation request. However, you should notify your child’s head coach IN ADDITION to following the procedures listed above.

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