BENICIA ARSENAL FC Modified Laws of the Game U6‐U8 Summarized for Parent Referees 8/17/2019

Benicia Arsenal FC

1. Player safety is #1 priority. The kids want to play soccer and have fun. The adults are there to make sure they are safe and to model responsible behavior.
2. In U6 & U7, two games are played simultaneously. 4 quarters of 10 minutes each quarter. 2 minute break between quarters, 7 minute break at halftime. Referee keeps time.

a. U6 – 3 players per game.
b. U7 – 4 players per game
c. U8 ‐ 5 players per game, with a goalkeeper.

3. Home teams provide the referee and game balls.
4. Visiting teams switch sides/squads at halftime for U6, U7.
5. Make sure each player has shinguards and cleats. No baseball/softball cleats. No jewelry.
6. U8 – home team has choice of sideline.
7. Before game starts, home team selects which goal they want to attack. Visitors kick off.
8. Substitutions

a. U6, U7 ‐ on the fly
b. U8 ‐ at any stoppage in play. Referee must signal the substitution.

9. Ball is in play, or a goal is scored when ENTIRE ball crosses ENTIRE line.
10. All starts and restarts of play are indirect kicks. Opponents need to be 3 yards away for U6, 6 yards away for U7 and U8.
11. Kick offs – start each game, each quarter, and after a goal is scored. Visiting team kicks off in 1st and 3rd
quarter, home team kicks off in 2nd and 4th quarter.
12. Corner kick – kick taken from corner after a DEFENDER last touched the ball before it went out the goal line (end line).
13. Goal Kick – kick taken from line around goal area after an ATTACKER last touched the ball before it went out the goal line (end line).
14. No penalty kicks at U6, U7, U8.
15. Pass ins for U6, U7 (no throw ins) when the ball goes out of bounds over the touch lines (side lines).
16. Throw ins for U8. Allow two attempts for player to throw correctly. Then ball is awarded to the other team if not done correctly. Referees are encouraged to give guidance about proper throw in technique. Opponents must be three yards away.
17. Fouls and Misconduct – you can call the foul, and award a free kick for the following fouls:

a. Kick, trip, strike (or attempt at any of these)
b. Jump at, charges, pushes or tackles (slide tackles should be disallowed at this age)
c. Holds or spits at
d. Handles the ball deliberately
i. At this age, verbally explain the foul to the player, take the free kick. If the behavior continues, the referee should talk to the coach and substitute the player.

18. At this age, start explaining to the players that they shouldn’t be using their hands or arms to hold or push other players. If the hold or push is excessive and a warning has already been given, call a foul and award the ball to the opposing team. Explain to the offending child what they did wrong, and how to correct it.
19. Dropped ball – restart for any stoppage of play that isn’t a foul or substitution (dog on field, toddler on field, injury)
20. No cherry picking or goal tending. Warn the player that it isn’t allowed. Is considered unsporting behavior.

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