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Our mission is to help each soccer player on our program reach their full potential. One of the most important aspects of soccer and often overlooked by players who want to get better is to practice with the ball as often as possible in their own time.

It helps with a player’s development if they can seek out role models in the sport and soccer ’idol’ to look up to and try to emulate. This leads to a life long love of the game and extra motivation to practice beyond the structured 4-6 hours of soccer they may receive with the club.

We are constantly monitoring the progress of all players on our programs to make sure we offer the best advice on what path a player should take to reach that potential.

Two opportunities that exist for players who demonstrate excellent talent in soccer are: 1) ODP Olympic Development Program
2) PDP Player Development Program

If a player on our program demonstrates the required talent to play at this level the players coach should notify our Club Director of Coaching at in the first instance so that we can handle nominations correctly and ensure players are at the correct stage of development.

A good resource to find further information on High School Soccer is at the CIF website

For those players interested in playing soccer beyond our club level at College, Adult Level or Professional they should contact our club Director of Coaching for further tailored advice on how to manage this process.

Information on College soccer can be found here

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