Volunteers-Auxiliary Board Members

Benicia Arsenal FC

Academy Coordinator – Rodrigo Escalante

Works with DOC and Recreational Coordinator to determine what recreational players are to be invited to be a part of the academy teams. These teams are made up of higher ranked recreational players that wish to have additional training and that will participate in a tournament after the recreational season is over. He/she will not only recruit players but will also recruit volunteer coaches to coach those teams.

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Fields and Equipment Coordinator – Mario Osejo

The Fields and Equipment Coordinator shall oversee the facilities and equipment of the League, including the lining and maintenance of the playing fields and the maintenance and security of the equipment. The Fields and Equipment Coordinator shall have the authority to assign the setup and take-down activities for field equipment. He/she shall relay issues pertaining to field maintenance to the President who will address same with the City of Benicia and the Benicia Unified School District. He/she shall conduct an annual inventory and make recommendations to the Board regarding purchase of new or replacement equipment, including such items as goals, nets, balls and ice packs for both competitive and recreational divisions. He/she will be a standing member of the Recreational Committee.

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Events Coordinator – Open

The Events Coordinator shall work to secure volunteer participation for the specific activities and events for which he/she is responsible. He/she will be responsible for opening day activities,picture day and tracking volunteers.

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League Volunteer Coordinator – Cecilia Wright

This person shall track all volunteers and the hours they worked for the club. He/she shall work with the Competitive and Recreational Volunteer Coordinators to gather and maintain and track the list of volunteers who successfully completed their tasks. He/she shall submit a spreadsheet to the board of directors prior to teaming of recreational players, listing all players whose families they are associated with that have successfully completed league approved volunteer hours from the prior season.

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Top Soccer Coordinator – Gia Chase Quinn

Handles any and all coordination of the special needs soccer program. Secures volunteer coaches and communicates needs for the program to the board of directors throughout the season. Needs could be but aren’t limited to equipment such as balls, goals, flags and volunteers to assist during game days.

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