Volunteers-Competitive Team Volunteer Positions

Benicia Arsenal FC

Referee – This person shall be a licensed USSF Grade 8 Referee or higher. He/she is required to fund his/her own course for licensing, fund his/her own uniform, and referee at least four games during the season. He/she will be paid for any and all games he/she referees that is U9 or higher. For more information on how to become a licensed referee email our Referee Assignor, Jeff Kuta at ref.assignor@beniciasoccer.org


Team Manager (1) – Manages team functions, finds volunteers to assist in managing the team. Secures a referee, select team representatives, a team historian, field set up/take down reps, field liners, a fundraiser volunteer, and a team builder. Organizes getting player uniforms and getting games scheduled once released by NorCal. Further details available upon request.

If you’d like to volunteer for this position click here.


Select Team Representatives (2) – Each competitive team shall have (2) Select Team Representatives. The representatives will bring forward and provide feedback to competitive league specific concerns at regularly scheduled Select Team Representatives’ meetings. Select Team Representatives also hold voting member rights at the annual Meeting of the Membership.


Team Historian (1) – The Historian is responsible for collecting and coordinating volunteers throughout the season for team specific or club wide events (hometown tournaments). The Historian will collect names and volunteer hours from each team and submit them to the Competitive Program Coordinator or designee at the end of each fall and spring season.

Download Volunteer Assignment Sheet


Field Set Up / Take Down (2) – The Field Set Up / Take Down volunteer are responsible for making sure the goals, flags, and other necessary equipment are “game ready” prior to the team’s arrival at home games. These volunteers will also put away and secure the goals and equipment at the end of each game, unless another home game is scheduled to take place afterward.


Field Liners (2) The Field Liners are responsible for lining designated home fields weekly. The Field Liners are scheduled and coordinated through the competitive league’s Field Lining Coordinator.


Fundraiser Volunteer (1) The Fundraiser Volunteer is responsible for organizing or seeking fundraising opportunities for the individual team or the Club. Fundraiser Volunteers must organize or participate in at least one fundraising event per season. Fundraiser Volunteers are also responsible for the bookkeeping/recordkeeping of the funds, and disbursements of donated monies for each team. At the end of the season.


**If you are interested in being a volunteer for any of these positions, please email your team manager (once you have one) to see if that position is still available.

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